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3.3 PTS 1 Mined

An overview of some of the changes in 3.3 PTS 1. Including new Cartel Market Images and more!

Everything you see here is subject to change. You can find the official patch notes here.

New Images

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New Soundtracks

Things of Note

  • Season 5 top player titles are Champion of the Advanced Class Name. I.E Champion of the Marauders
  • Two new conquest events "The Recruitment Initiative" and "The Power of the Force". Neither in the schedule currently.
  • Season 5 ranked colour crystal is "Gold Outline".
  • Looks like in the current build Togruta has 2 complextion options, one facepaint option, one hair style option and two heads. It's probably incomplete in this patch. I am also a bit unfamiliar with this system.

Yavin 4 Stronghold Costs


  • 2.5 mill upfront to buy
  • Temple Room 1 855k
  • Temple Room 2 975k
  • Upper Stairwell 450k
  • Lower Stairwell 450k
  • Temple Basement 1.5 mill
  • Temple Balcony 1.2 mill
  • Temple Grounds 2.6 mill
  • Sanctuary 1 1.25 mill
  • Sanctuary 2 1.25 mill


  • 15 mill upfront to buy.
  • Temple Room 1 2 mill
  • Temple Room 2 2.4 mill
  • Upper Stairwell 900k
  • Lower Stairwell 900k
  • Temple Basement 3.75 mill
  • Temple Balcony 3 mill
  • Temple Grounds 7.8 mill
  • Sanctuary 1 3.125 mill
  • Sanctuary 2 3.125 mill

In-Depth Changes

GOM Changes
Ability Changes
Area Changes
Changed Collections
Changed Conquests
Changed Conversations
Changed Decorations
Changed Items
Changed MTX Storefront
Changed NPCs
Changed Quests
Set Bonus Changes
String Changes
Stronghold Changes
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Scoundrel Changes
Operative Changes

Merc Changes

Sage Changes
Sorc Changes

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