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3.2.2 Mined

An overview of some of the changes in 3.2.2. Including new Cartel Market images and more!

Everything you see here is subject to change. You can find the official patch notes here.

New MTX Images

New Models

Things of Note

  • New Conquest event (The Calm Before The Storm) has had an achievement added, however it is currently broken.
  • Nexu Season 5 mount reward can be previewed as a decoration if you want to see it in game.
  • Noise decorations look to of been finalized for strongholds however currently have no sources.
  • Further effect changes to Sword Squadrons Missiles in ToS.

In-Depth Changes

GOM Changes
Ability Changes
Changed Collections
Changed Conquests
Changed Decorations
Changed Items
Changed MtxStoreFronts
Changed NPCs
Changed Quests
String Changes

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