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3.3 Mined

An overview of some of the changes in 3.3 PTS 5. Including new MTX images and more!

Everything you see here is subject to change.

New MTX Images

New MTX Models

Things of Note (vs PTS)

  • New effect for selling junk.
  • More effect changes to Sword Squadron's Strafe shot.
  • Malgus statue is from the Wild Space Pack
  • Yavin 4 max hooks down to 750.
  • Tatooine max hooks down to 900.
  • Togruta social ability is a 600 second long channel called Traditional Storytelling.
  • Medical Probe description for Commandos is missing.
  • Changed the red overlay effect on the Inquisitor's regen ability.

In-Depth Changes vs PTS

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