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Season 6 PvP Rewards

A first look at the Ranked Season 6 rewards.


These weapons do have effects that are not visible here as well as the guns having attachments for moving parts. The lightsabers have no attachments (no moving parts) but do have effects. Shoto lightsabers have a shorter blade.

Baron Deathmark's Predacious Wrangler

Reduces incoming damage by 15% while mounted.

Unique Tier Reward

Unique tier reward is "Predacious Bronze/Silver/Gold Battle Flag of Recognition" that you can use on a dead enemy player. It's either Bronze, Silver or Gold depending on the tier you made it into. Lasts 15 seconds, bound to legacy. Looks like the existing Republic / Empire banners.


  • Tier 1 title "Predator"
  • Tier 2 title "Head Hunter"
  • Tier 3 title "Favored by the Scorekeeper"

  • Top class title is "Apex" i.e. "Apex Commando".

Token Rewards

  • Bronze grants 5,400 Season 6 tokens.
  • Silver grants 26,000 Season 6 tokens.
  • Gold grants 113,000 Season 6 tokens.
  • Top 96 players get 144,400 Season 6 tokens.

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