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3.3.1 Mined

A look at the changes in Game Update 3.3.1.

New Cartel Market Items

Zakuul Personal Dropship

Zakuul Knight Armor Set

Blademaster's Shoto

Blademaster's Lightsaber

Blademaster's Lightsaber

Blademaster's Attenuated Shoto

Blademaster's Attenuated Lightsaber

Blademaster's Attenuated Saberstaff

Blademaster's Saberstaff

Unnamed MTX Images

Season 5 Nexu Replacement

Things of Note

  • Conquest schedule is now on par with the one in the KOTFE client.
  • Now get more medpacks and adrenals from Ranked Warzone daily and weekly.
  • New effect for Revanite Commanders Surpressing Fire, Guided Missile and Tracer Missile abilities.
  • Zakuul Knight armour set is direct to buy from Cartel Market.
  • Zakuul Dropship mount is direct to buy from Cartel Market.
  • Blademaster Weapons are direct to buy.
  • Unlocking decos for guild costs between 25k - 75k.

In-Depth Changes

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