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KOTFE PvP End Game Gear

A look at the end game PvP gear in Knights of the Fallen Empire

Everything you see here is subject to change and will infact probably go through several iterations before live. There are massive changes/updates with every PTS build to this info, so do not assume everything here will make it to the live version.

This is the set bonus gear in KOTFE for PvP. It appears that you can now mix PvE and PvP armorings to get the set bonus too, however this could be a bug. Previously PvE and PvP set bonuses would not count towards the same bonus.

All the below gear contains set bonus armourings (if an armouring is present). Not all Main and offhands are shown due to the sheer volume of them. Some specs have examples to show stat distribution.

Stat Change Reminder

  • All main stats (e.g. Willpower, Aim) have been merged into one new stat called Mastery.
  • Surge has been removed. Critical rating now impacts both critical chance and critical multiplier.
  • Critical rating now takes the place of Surge on enhancements - this leads to only one type of mod existing for DPS and Heals. Only three enhancements exist for DPS specs.

PvP Gear

Note: All the icons are placeholders from the most recent PTS build. Final icon art and item models are not finalized yet.

Looking for the PvE Gear? Go here.

  • Relics
  • Earpieces
  • Implants
  • Trooper/BH
    • Combat Medic Gear
    • Combat Tech Gear
    • Eliminator Gear
    • Supercommando Gear
  • Smuggler/Operative
    • Enforcer Gear
    • Field Medic Gear
    • Field Tech Gear
  • Consular/Inquisitor
    • Force-Master Gear
    • Force-Mystic Gear
    • Stalker Gear
    • Survivor Gear
  • Knight/Warrior
    • Vindicator Gear
    • War Leader Gear
    • Weaponmaster Gear
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