4.0 Gallery of New Items

4.0 Gallery of Items

items will also be added to their individual pages and more pics can be found there.


Model Star Fortress

Fallen Knights of the Empire

Sun Machine Reactor

An End to the Exarchs

Star Fortress Commander

You're All Clear Kid

Zakuulan Force Focus

All For One

Zakuulan Prototype Medical Probe

AAll For One

Portable Zakuulan Sentry Turret

All For One

XR-9 Scrambler Grenade

All For One

Title: Follower of the Old Ways

Zakuulan Devotee

Title: Bunker Buster

Bunker Buster


Aid From Above

Title: Physical Backup Unit

Defeated all Star Fortress Ephemeris Units

Title: Galactic Liberator

You're All Clear Kid

Title: Fully Armed and Operational

All For One

Title: The One and Only

One For All


One For All

Title: Fallen Knight

Fallen Knights of the Empire


Alliance MIlitary Rank 20


Alliance Research Division Rank 20


Underworld Logistics Rank 20


The Force Enclave Rank 20


An Established Alliance

Title: Alliance Commander

An Established Alliance

Fallen Empire

Boosted Classic Speeder Bike (Brown)


Eternal Empire Command Walker

Eternal Empire Recon Walker

Model Gravestone

Model Mach 2

Model Zakuul Battle Cruiser


Retired Event Vendor

Ambassador Jirrik

15Rak + 10Gree + 13Bounty (Imperial)

Ambassador Ky'lee

15Rak + 10Gree + 13Bounty (Republic)

Art: Criminal Underworld

4 Bounty

Art: Mandalorians

12 Bounty

Art: Orange Vertex

6 Gree

Art: Rakghoul Caverns

4 Rak

Art: Rakghoul Lurkers

2 rakghoul

Art: Rakghouls

2 rakghoul

Art: Red Bisector

10 gree

Art: Weapons Cache

1 bounty

Art: White Scalene

2 gree

Chevin Representative

20rak + 13 gree + 17 bounty

Contagious Plants

4 rakghoul

Disintegrator Ceiling

20 bounty

Gree Ambassador

20 gree

Gree Pillar

14 gree

Gree Wall Panel

8 gree

Plaguebearer (Female)

10 rak + 1 Green

Plaguebearer (Male)

10 rak + 1 Green

Quarantine Container

8 rak

Seeker Probes

Stacked Carbonite

10 bounty

Schematic: Crystal of Nightmare Fury

50 gree

Star Fortress

Armor Stand: Zakuul Knight

Center Mounted Montior Diplay

Factory Welding Droid

Framed Skytrooper Chassis Remains

Imcomplete Skytrooper Chassis

Left Wall-Mounted Display

Power Condenser Tube

Right-Mounted Monitor Display

Sky Trooper Model Display Tube

Sky Trooper Perpraetorian Armor Display

Star Fortress Stasis Bunk

Wall-Mounted Power Regulator

Wall Vents

Zakuulan Chair

Zakuulan Computer Console Type A

Zakuulan Computer Console Type B

Zakuulan Hanging Monitor Array

Zakuulan Shield and Force Pikes

Zakuulan Medical Bed

Zakuulan Meta Computation Machine

Zakuulan Pilaster

Zakuulan Standing Lamp

Zakuulan Tech Wall Panel


Dark Side Horror

Temple of Sacrifice

Denovan Drouk

Explosive Conflict

Dread Forged Rancor

Dread Palace

Enslaved Underwalker

Dread Fortress

Gree Core Guardian

Terror from Beyond

Kintan Slave Driver

Karagga's Palace

Regional Annihilation Droid

Scum and Villany

Data Crystal Decor Vendor

Ancient Rakata Terminal

50 glow 300 common Crytsals

Ancient Rakata Transporter

50 glow 300 common Crytsals

Rakata Console

150common Crytsals

Rakata Generator

150 common Crytsals

Rakata Guard Statue

150 common Crytsals

Rakata Hanging Light Blue

50 common Crytsals

Rakata Hanging Light Yellow

50 common Crytsals

Rakata Mantlepiece Purple

50 common Crytsals

Rakata Ruins

50radiant 150glowing 500

Rakata Warrior

50 common Crytsals

Alliance Supply Crate

Gravestone Scout Swoop

Koth Shuttle

Planetary Display: Alderaan

Planetary Display: Belsavis

Planetary Display: Hoth

Planetary Display: Nar Shaddaa

Planetary Display: Tatooine

Planetary Display: Voss

Zakuul Taxi

Zakuulan Cloud Cruiser

Zakuulan Interceptor

Zakuulan Shield and Staff Weapon Display

Zakuulan Shield and Staff Weapon Rack

Zakuulan Staff Weapon Rack

Droid Vendor P-0A5

Crested Orokeet


Model FT-6 Pike



Heroic Weekly Mission Terminal


Nerf Calf


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