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3.0 Pets, Speeders, Etc.

3.0 Pets

Cyborg Sablefur Monkeylizard

Cartel Rep

Jungle Grophet

Rishi Rep

Force Hound

Battle of Rishi

Sharkla Hunter

Rishi Rep


Blood Hunt

Scarab Underwalker

Yavin - Revanite Captain in Training Grounds

3.0 Mounts

Armored Uxibeast

Cartel Rep

BA-2 Command Walker

Storyline FPs

BA-2 Recon Walkers

Yavin Rep (Rep)

Fawn Orobird

Rishi Rep

KX-7 Command Walker

Storyline FPs

KX-7 Recon Walker

Yavin Rep (Imp)

Rishi Pirate Taxi

Rishi Rep

Storm Carrier Mount

Blood Hunt

Jungle Sleen

Quest: The Ravagers

3.0 Companion Skins

HK Jungle Droid

Yavin Rep

Jungle Treek

Yavin Rep

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