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1v1 Tournament: URC #3

1v1 Tournament: URC #3 - U VOSS M8! Saturday 1st August


We're back with the third installment of TRE's 1v1 tournament! Last time we saw Brannera take the 1st place, we saw a moisture droid wreck fools and we saw an assassin get salty about leaving the duelling area! If you want to catch up on the previous two touraments I recommend Skyrush's abridged versions which can be found here:

This will most likely be the last "normal" tournament before 4.0 drops so we've returned to the planet it all started on - Voss!

The format will be the same as the previous two events with Stealth and Non Stealth classes being separated out in the initial brackets and the champions of each side facing off in the finals.

The tournament will be hosted by myself and Nexy and we're both hoping that the cheap server transfers will encourage players from all over to come and take part (even the French servers), the prizes available certainly make it worthwhile if you think you have a chance of placing in the top 4!

I'm going to leave the amount of signups uncapped for the time being but to keep the tournament banding from getting messed I might have to make some changes after we get to 32 sign ups.

Tank specs are still allowed.

Ultimate Regstar Championship #3 - U VOSS M8!

  • Date: Saturday 1st August 2015 - 7pm BST
  • Location: Voss, just south of the Cantina
  • Prizes: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place will all receive prizes

Anyone who would like to donate credits / prizes for the tournament please get in touch with either Snave or Nexy on this forums or in game.

Prize Pool so far:
  • 1st place gets Wings of the Architect courtesy of Imperial Dominion
  • 4x 2400 Cartel Coin codes
  • Collection of rare dyes worth approx 15 million
  • Hoping to get around 20 million credits to spread amongst the winners
  • Stealth vs Stealth in one bracket, Non Stealth vs Non Stealth in the other
  • Initial fights will be randomly assigned
  • Format will be 2 x Knockout rounds, Best of 3 Semi / Quarter finals, Best of 5 for the finals.
  • Only one character sign up per person
  • DPS and Tank specs only
  • No use of Medpacks / Adrenals / Grenades or ANY other consumables with the exception of Stims
  • Rocket Boots / Mounts are not allowed
  • Failure to show up in time for the duel will result in disqualification
  • Server transfers are welcome to sign up
  • No companions / external help
  • 2018 expertise is required by all participants
  • The format and rules are subject to change. Any changes will be made as visible as possible.

If you're interested please type the character your wish to enter on / class / spec / faction


and I'll update the spreadsheet as we go along.



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