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#2 Lets Chat Cartel Market and You: New pack design (Underworld Alliance)

Originally Posted by TobyMcCall ( Original Post ) | 28.10.2015 02:21PM
Thank you all for your responses. This is exactly the kind of dialogue I hoped for. Let me try to reiterate some of the issues youre bringing up.

Firstly, I understand you feel that fewer items in the pack makes the pack feel less valuable. One of our goals in the 4.0 restructure was to consolidate the packs by removing some of the items that player feedback showed felt like clutter. I think its clear we may have over-tuned that and we will make changes based on the valuable feedback this thread is already providing.

Secondly, you feel the companion gift item isnt as valuable as XP boosts, Jawa Crafting Materials and Reputation Certifications. So, if we add more items to the pack, you feel these items should be included.

Additionally, you feel that fewer chances, or rolls, on a Gold item feels like the pack has less value. The pre 4.0 pack structure provided two chances at a SuperRare (Gold) items. The post 4.0 structure combined those two chances into one. Mathematically, this one chance to drop a Gold item has more than the combined percent chance of both the pre 4.0 pack structure chances, effectively making it better for the buyer. However, no matter what the math is, if opening a pack feels less valuable, then we missed our mark and we will work to correct that.

I want to thank you guys for taking time to make your posts. They are well thought-out and constructive. Ill continue to monitor them and communicate your feedback to the team, so keep it up. I also want to assure you that it is always our goal to make your Cartel Market experience a fun and exciting addition to Star Wars: The Old Republic. I truly believe achieving that goal is an iterative process that requires great communication like were having now.
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