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#2 Lets Chat Cartel Market and You: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Category Packs

Originally Posted by TobyMcCall ( Original Post ) | 28.10.2015 02:24PM
Thank you all for your responses. This is exactly the kind of dialogue I hoped for. Let me try to reiterate some of the issues youre bringing up.

Firstly, I understand that there is some question as to why certain packs, we call them Category packs, dont have a Bronze, Silver or Gold quality pack type. The answer is that some item categories such as Emotes, Titles and Toys had too few items of each quality type to warrant a separate pack. So we combined them into one pack containing all quality types.

Secondly, you feel the contents of the Bronze, Silver, and Gold packs (BSG packs) should be listed in some way so you can see what items you have a chance of getting. Generally, you feel the concept of BSG packs are valuable, you just want to know more about whats in them so you can make your purchase accordingly.

Additionally, keep in mind that the contents of these packs will change. Each time we release a new pack, we add the items contained in that pack to the appropriate BSG or Category pack. For example, the Gold Armor pack contains the Gold armor sets contained in the Force Alliance pack. When the Underworld Alliance pack is released, we update the Gold Armor pack to include the Gold armor sets from the Underworld Alliance pack. This is true for BSG Mount and BSG Decoration packs. Likewise, any Toys, Crystals, Titles, Weapons etc., included in the currently released pack will be added to their respective category packs. This means that when a pack is no longer available, the items from those packs are still available in their respective BSG or category packs.

Finally, you feel the pricing isnt what you would like and I appreciate the examples and comparisons some of your posts provide.

I want to thank you guys for taking time to make your posts. They are well thought-out and constructive. Ill continue to monitor them and communicate your feedback to the team, so keep it up. I also want to assure you that it is always our goal is to make your Cartel Market experience a fun and exciting addition to Star Wars: The Old Republic. I truly believe achieving that goal is an iterative process that requires great communication like were having now.
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