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#5 KOTFE Level 60 character creation is bugged

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 09.11.2015 02:14PM
Hey folks,

We have continued to investigate start at 60 based on the reports in this thread. We can confirm there is an on-going issue for some players where their start at 60 tokens did not get restored to them after we fixed the overall issue last Friday. This seems to be only affecting players who used a token later in the week or who were extra aggressive in creating and deleting the Level 1 characters. In any case, we are aware of the issue and will ensure people in this situation will receive their missing token or tokens (if appropriate).

In the meantime, if you havent already submitted an in-game ticket to CS, please do so. Make sure to mention start at 60 in your ticket. Please note, at this time CS is not responding to those tickets as we are exploring a more global fix, however it is important that you have a ticket submitted so we can track users who are in this state. Please dont submit more than one ticket about this issue as its not necessary.

This may take a few days, but I will pass on further updates as I have them. Again, none of your tokens are lost and we will get them back to you ASAP!

Thanks everyone.

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