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Where is confirmation...

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 12.02.2016 02:30PM
Hey folks,

I talked with the dev team and here is what I found out. With 4.0 it was changed that all Artifact mods now require Artifact quality Slicing materials. This was done to ensure the value of lower level Slicing materials across all Grades. Artifact quality mods and Artifact quality augments now have that same material cost.

In addition to this, all Artifact quality gear (Armor, Weapons, etc) now require a Prototype quality Slicing material. This was also done to bring value to all Grades of Prototype Slicing materials. The exception to this would be items that require exotic materials, such as rating 212 items.

Players can still craft all Prototype quality items without the need of any Slicing materials, however once a player decides to go for Artifact quality, they will need Slicing materials. For example, Prototype quality augments no longer require Slicing materials as they did in the past.

I hope that answers your question!

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