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Upcoming Bug Fixes

Originally Posted by TaitWatson ( Original Post ) | 12.02.2016 06:07PM
Hey all,

I just wanted to pop in and let you all know of a few things we are looking to fix in a patch next week. I don't have any dates/times yet, but the team is working to get these as soon as possible:
  • 212, 216, and 220 crafted Relics being Bind on Pickup instead of Bind on Equip.
  • It is possible to get in a state where you cannot complete Chapter X.
  • It is not possible to complete the Alliance Alert "To Find a Findsman" if you start Chapter X.
  • It's possible to lose items if you use the "Sort by Quality" function of the Cargo Hold.

Once I get a date and time I will make sure to post it! If the list changes at all, I will update this post as well.


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