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#3 Dark vs. Light Event

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 23.06.2016 10:16AM
Originally Posted by StarwarsHunterxx View Post
Hello everyone! I just wanted to know if the rewards are account wide(like the monthly subscriber rewards and such) or is it Legacy or character wide? Because this is really going to affect how I can do this.
Good question! The rewards are delivered in three different methods, depending on the reward:
  • Titles - These are tied to the Achievement and therefore are unlocked for each character in the Legacy.
  • Dark vs. Light Packs and Pioneer Armor Set - These will be delivered via in-game mail to the character who completes the final objective in that event level.
  • End of event Cosmetic Rewards - Things like the Companion and the vehicles will come at the end of the event and will be delivered to every character on the account, similar to the monthly sub rewards.
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