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#7 Gearing Changes in Eternal Throne

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 18.10.2016 12:26PM
Originally Posted by SnEaKyMan View Post
  • Will item rating give an advantage over other players with lower item rating gear in Warzones?
  • PvE gear focused on having more accuracy, what is the case for PvP?
  • Will the PvE relics as we know them now activate in PvP?
  • Will the gear from command crates only be relative to the players current advanced class discipline?
  • Will command crate gear Bind on Pickup, Bind to Legacy or Bind on Equip?
  • Can galactic command crate gear be planted into legacy gear?
  • Will you accept my friend request? I saw you and Snave are BFF's and I feel left out.
I'll take a crack at these!
  • Yup. Having an item rating advantage would mean that you have higher stats. In Warzones especially there would be other factors at play such as any stat optimization and of course individual player skill.
  • There will certainly be some gear that has Accuracy, but the current intention is that the armor sets will be moddable so you could always change the mods to add or remove a stat, such as Accuracy.
  • We are still working out exactly how this will effect relics.
  • It is based on Advanced Class, not Discipline.
  • The gear will be bind on pickup, currently the other items in the crates (such as cosmetic items, etc) are bind on equip.
  • Currently, the end-game gear that comes from crates is moddable so you can add/remove the mods.
  • We are now best friends SnEaKy
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