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#8 Gearing Changes in Eternal Throne

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 19.10.2016 08:45AM
Quote: Originally Posted by ZambedosNB View Post
1) Will all armor-type gear that drops from command crates have set bonus or will you need to progress to a certain Command level before you can start getting those?
2) Will the bolster remain in SM ops? Will level 50 players still be able to enter SM ops?
3) Currently if you're going into an operation there is about a 5/8 chance of getting a piece of gear, since the ratio of piece to players is 5:8. Can we expect anything near 5/8th of a Command crate for completing an op or is it much more/less? I'd imagine it will be tweaked some since before you could do SM ops all day long and not be working towards 224s and in this system you would be. However, if you can do two complete HM operations and still not get a single gear drop, I'd say the system is failing. While this can happen in the current system the odds are against it happening and there is also the chance for a better than average result: getting 2(+) pieces of gear from two ops. A sort of bell-curve type scenario whereas this new system is much more linear.
First off, keep the posts coming everyone! I am still going to try to answer as many questions as I can and I am continuing to pass your feedback on to the dev team. Now, for your questions:

1) You can get gear that has your set bonus as early as the very first Command Crate you receive at Command Rank 1.
2) Bolster will still exist in SM. If someone under level 70 is in an Operation they can still loot gear from the boss as they did before. It is when they hit level 70 that they will begin earning CXP instead towards Command Crates.
3) That is a fairly complicated question to answer, so, a few caveats. First, how many Command Crates you would earn from playing an Operation, for example, is dependent on a few factors. What is your current Command Rank, what difficulty is the Op, how many players are in the Op, etc. It is faster to level from Command Rank 1-2 than it will be at higher Command levels. The team is still turning the dials on CXP, but as we get closer to launch I will try to provide a more exact example of how much CXP you could earn in an Op/how many Crates.

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