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#2 Maintenance: 27 October 2016

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 26.10.2016 04:05PM
Hey folks,

We discovered an issue following Game Update 4.7.3 where players who had the Nathema Zealot set were no longer able to unlock it in Collections. There was also an unintended side effect, anyone who should have had the Nathema Zealot Set in collections was able to unlock Senyas Lightsaber Pike even if they never had the weapon. With our upcoming maintenance we will be addressing the both issues, but there are a few different situations someone could be in. Here are the various scenarios and the impact on you:

I had the Nathema Zealot set unlocked in Collections:
We will be refunding you the Cartel Coins from the unlock. We will also give you another full set of the armor in case you deleted the old one after unlocking it.

After the Collections unlock was bugged in 4.7.3, I re-equipped the item and unlocked it in Collections again:
Your new collection unlock will remain in place, we will just refund you for the original unlock so you havent been double charged.

I pulled down Senyas Lightsaber Pike, what will happen to it:
Since this was unintended, we will be removing the Pike from anyone who received it through this method. If you happen to have placed any mods inside of the weapon you will receive those back as well.

I pulled down Senyas Lightsaber Pike and also unlocked it in Collections:
We will be removing the Pike and Collections unlock from you since this was unintended. We will work to refund the CC you spent on the Collections unlock ASAP (it may not be tomorrow).

I received Senyas Lightsaber Pike normally:
There will not be any effect on you. We can determine who received a Pike from the bug vs someone who got it normally.

That should cover all of the scenarios but if there is one I missed, feel free to ask about it. Thanks everyone.


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