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KOTET Livestream - 11/3

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 02.11.2016 12:37PM
Hey folks,

We are making a slight change in the schedule for weekly livestreams. Originally tomorrow's stream was going to cover combat changes. We are going to move that stream out and we are replacing it with repeatable Chapters. We are going to showcase a KOTFE Chapter and show the difference between story and veteran difficulty along with answering any gameplay questions you may have about Chapters. Also, Charles will be answering story questions about KOTFE and how they tie into KOTET!

Here are the stream details:
When: Thursday, November 3rd
When: 4PM Central, 2PM Pacific

We know that everyone is anxious to hear more about the Class/combat changes coming with KOTET. We will be making posts throughout the week next week with a highlight of some of the changes we are making.


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