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#2 KOTET Livestream - 11/3

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 02.11.2016 03:56PM
Originally Posted by Kaze-Yama View Post
Why make a schedule if you can't follow it? Why not give a better explanation for why you are changing things? It only gives a bad impression as if you don't actually know what the class changes will be 1 month before the launch.

Knowing the class changes is something everyone wants to know I would rather learn about the story and difficulty as I play.
Totally fair questions! In short, we are looking at adding a new stream to our schedule with some special guests (so you can see some new faces beyond Charles, Ben, and I). Adding that into the schedule shook things up a bit so we needed to make some changes. The outcome is the following:
  • Repeatable Chapters are a good follow-on topic from Uprisings since it relates to content difficulties, so we shifted that up to this week's stream.
  • We know Class changes are a topic you guys want to learn about ASAP. That information will now happen outside of a livestream. Our plan is to have those posts up Monday, possibly Tuesday.
  • We will likely host our stream with special guests next week, more info soon.
Hope that explains the changes.

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