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#3 KOTET Livestream - 11/3

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 02.11.2016 03:58PM
Originally Posted by Rolodome View Post
Well, I thought of it because Eric has admitted on the livestreams that he's not that great with dates and days, as there was a thing with him almost having something on Thanksgiving. So I figured it's possible that he put together the schedule not thinking about it being on a Thursday and as they got to today, they realized the 3rd is a Thursday and decided class changes were something better suited for beginning of the week.

They have not changed much, but Eric has been pretty good with the expansion info about being in there in the announcement threads and responding to questions.
1) I am hilariously bad with dates and times. 2) Although we try to not drop information late on Fridays, so we can answer questions. Timing in this case was more about the stream schedule getting shifted around. 3) There is still an 80% chance I forget to move the Thanksgiving stream date on the presentation...I really should go do it right now.

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