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Let me get this straight...

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 23.01.2017 09:01AM
Originally Posted by cagthehack View Post
So many forum posts I'm confused to what is actually happening. So let me get this straight.

1. Gear wise there really is no change coming? Just additional layers which translate into more grinding?

2. No new content until Dec 2017? That means no new story content.. nothing until almost a year from now?

3. Companions: I assume any "class story" companion that hasn't appeared isn't coming back. Ok fine (not really fine. Not happy about that.. but ok). But what about the current companions? Right now, the interaction is minimal at best. Not even close to what the class stories had. So no new scenes or options with our current RI or companions? In other words, my ship will still be empty?
I thought I might take a stab at adding clarity to some of your questions.

1 - I made a few posts on it last week, this is the main one. Here is the short version. Starting in 5.1 you can get Unassembled Pieces from Ops which you can turn in for gear. Playing PvP will give you Unassembled Components which you can turn in for an Unassembled piece to turn in for gear. Gear turn-ins require Command Tokens which are a Legacy-wide currency you get from Command Crates.

2 - We definitely never said that. Although it is true that we are refocusing in on group and MMO content, that doesn't mean there is no more story coming.

3 - Actually quite the opposite is true. Charles himself has said that his personal goal is to ensure that all original Companions come back in a meaningful way. The question is just when/how.

As an added note, I would recommend tuning into our stream this Thursday as we will be talking about some of these exact topics .

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