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#2 Let me get this straight...

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 23.01.2017 11:12AM
Originally Posted by PlasmaJohn View Post

You guys have said a lot of things that have never seen the light of day. Your team's reputation is more about what you guys have abandoned than what you have accomplished. Guess what? Until there's something more than Soon we. don't. believe. you.
I understand the sentiment, that is why my aim is to specific as possible (no soon). We would like to do more story and it is our goal to bring old Companions back whenever possible. We will be talking about these very things on Thursday's stream (along with the other previously mentioned topics).

Originally Posted by Costello View Post
I hate to put you on the spot, but are all companions planned to return at some point or are there some that for whatever reason never going to happen. We have all heard the rumors that one Voice Actor said they wouldn't come back, not impossible to replace. However with Master Ranos telliing the SW that DS Jaesa was insane and any relationship was probably over it hinted that she would not be coming back. Was this a misreading of the information?
It is a great question, but one that I don't have any specific answers to share. I can only reiterate our goal is to bring back Companions in a meaningful way. Where, when, how, and if we hit that goal is something we will share specifics on as we have them.

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