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#3 Let me get this straight...

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 23.01.2017 11:42AM
Originally Posted by Jerba View Post
You committed to focusing on group content this year. This means there will be no new story chapters or companions until 6.0 (the end of the year) because summer is filled with patches for group content. Any story from now is only delivered in bundles, which means it can only be released on its own, not along with group content.
On Thursday, I expect a listing of the group content you are developing, along with dates when it will be released. Anything else, and all the statements from November/December were lies and we once again know not to trust anything you say.
Just to set some expectations... We do have a renewed focus on MMO and group content but this in no way means that we will only deliver that content and nothing else. Different content is not mutually exclusive, in fact it is often in support of each other (Oricon/Dreadmasters, as an example).

We are still BioWare, story and companions will remain a cornerstone of SWTOR.

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