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#6 January 26th Livestream Wrap-up

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 27.01.2017 01:29PM
Originally Posted by JennyFlynn View Post
A few questions, story/companion related;

- If my Jedi Knight elects to side with the Empire to obtain Quinn and because tbqfh, she's beyond frustrated with the Republic, then according to Charles' this MAY affect future companion recruitment... does that mean she won't be able to get ANY of the future Republic-sided companions, or just some? Iresso was mentioned as an example and it would make sense for him not to wish to join a 'traitor' but Lord Scourge for example, the Jedi Knight's own companion, realistically he wouldn't/shouldn't care. Hell he'd probably rejoice so what of companions like him, will he become off-limits too if my JK sides with the Empire? Perhaps leave the option open in all cases and just have comps like Iresso express a certain disdain with like, 1-2 extra conversational steps to reel him in or convince him.

- What of our already recruited companions such as Theron and Aric Jorgan, if we're Jedi/Smug/Trooper but side with the Empire in 5.2, will we lose them? Or say Pierce in a reversed situation if your Sith chooses the Republic.

- I assume romances with Elara/Quinn will be resumed in this new patch?
- That is a bit of a complicated question so let me work on it. We will get the answer out before 5.2 so you are informed for the choice!
- The choices you make in 5.2 will not impact Companions that you already have.
- Yes, Warriors and Troopers will be able to continue their romance with these Companions. However, note that it is possible that some of your past decisions could come back to impact your relationship

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