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Closed PTS Applications

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 31.01.2017 11:06AM
Hey folks,

As we mentioned on the last Producer Live Stream, we are going to be putting Game Update 5.2 on PTS. For now, our plan is that the test server will be closed with the intention of opening up later on. I want to make sure that players have the opportunity to apply to get entry into this closed test, so let's talk about how to do that. Here are the requirements:
  • Being on the closed test server means signing an NDA. You must be willing to sign and abide by that agreement.
  • You must be 18 years or older to be eligible.
  • You must have an active subscription (to access the test server).
  • You must be willing to play and provide feedback.
  • You must be able to post on the forums, if you have been banned from the forums you are ineligible.
  • If you any ToS violations on your account, you are ineligible.
  • Our test server is not localized and our communication around it will be only in English, therefore this opportunity is only open to English speaking players.
Right now we are mainly looking to recruit Guilds and Ops groups to help test Tyth. Early on in the Closed PTS we will only be testing the Operation. We will open up recruiting to individuals and small groups later on if we place the daily area and Master Mode Uprisings on the test server. If your Guild or Op group is interested in applying, please follow these steps:
  • Send an email to with the subject line "Closed PTS Application"
  • Include the following information:
    • Your account name.
    • The account name of each Op member/Guild member you wish to bring into the test.
    • Any notes on why you think your Op group or Guild should be accepted into the test.
Again, for this stage we are looking for entire Ops groups/Guilds to test Tyth. Application in no way guarantees entry into the test.

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