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#5 PvP On Iokath

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 29.03.2017 12:24PM
Quote: Originally Posted by Sitara View Post
If I will be forced to do PvP ... I would honestly think about to quite the game! Never thought that day would come but as a pve player who only wants to enjoy the story and finally get her hubby back, this will be a NO GO for me!
Please Eric make it totally clear what kind of impact your PvP Visions for Ioktah have to all the PvE Players! For me, I can say, I would not survive a single minute on Iokath! Please Eric, don't break my heart!
If I'm not able to get my hubby back bc of those PvP actions I would hate you so much ...and I don't want to hate you at all. But this would be a Gamebreaker for me and, like I did in WoW, I would draw consequences!
Iokath will behave like all other open world areas in the game. If you are in a PvE instance, you will not experience any PvP unless you flag yourself or attempt to go into an enemy base (which could get you flagged).

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