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#2 Orlando cantina start time???

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 30.03.2017 02:55PM
Originally Posted by BuzzyJr View Post
YES! So many unanswered questions... Is there anything special we need to attend the cantina, will there be reservations, is it 18 and up for everyone, my 16 yo daughter is going to celebration with me and she's gonna be really upset when I tell her she can't goto celebration because the cantina is 18 yo and up, or will I be able to goto the cantina Friday and then just take her to celebration Satuday?$!@#?%?!@ Only 16 DAYS PEOPLE ! ! !
You don't need to do anything special beyond showing up, it is open to the public. No reservations/RSVP needed. Your daughter can absolutely attend. Our Cantinas are almost always open to all ages, folks under 18 just need to be accompanied by an adult (this is usually dictated by the venue or state law since we have alcohol).

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