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#4 Is it wrong that, revisiting SoR, made me think what the hell went wrong w KotFE?

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 01.07.2017 05:23PM
Hey folks,

This thread is gonna need a little housekeeping, so bear with me. This thread has split up into two main discussion points (although there is certainly a little overlap). First, the story of SoR as it relates to the story of KOTFE and KOTET. Second, is feedback, criticism, and the SWTOR team. Both are important to us but right now they are getting a little lost. For that reason, I am going to close this thread. However, we absolutely do not want this discussion to stop and so here are new threads I made, separately, for those topics:
--Story Discussion - Shadow of Revan through KOTET
--Feedback / Criticism and the Forums

Please head to either thread to continue those conversations. Do your best to keep them on the topic at hand. I already gave Keith his infraction for derailing the thread ! In seriousness, both of these topics are important to us and we want to hear your feedback. Get in there.

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