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#2 Feedback / Criticism and the Forums

Originally Posted by KeithKanneg ( Original Post ) | 02.07.2017 03:27PM
Hey everyone,
I've stared at my comments and your reactions, read every post in this thread, and came to realize how wrong I was yesterday for making that post. I'd love to chalk it up as a newb action, but that'd just be an excuse for underestimating the impact from our words, our comments, our reactions, and for the timing being, especially mine.

I just finished the articles recommended by Deewe:
Quote: Originally Posted by Deewe View Post
If I may I'd invite you to read the following article from Raph Koster (for those unaware, lead designer on SWG) on getting criticism.
I really liked the outline of the Criticism article and for those who haven't had a chance to read it, here's the bullets:
  • Everyone who dislikes your work is right
  • The criticism that is useful is that which helps you do it better
  • Nothings perfect
  • You often have to choose between your ideals and your message
  • You have to dig to get the gold
  • Good feedback is detailed
  • People who tell you youre awesome are useless. No, dangerous
  • Someone asked for feedback will always find something wrong
  • Good work may not have an audience
  • Any feedback that comes with suggestions for improvement is awesome
  • If you agree with the criticism, say thank you. If you disagree, say fair enough, and thank you"
  • You are not your work

It's a great guide for me and the entire SWTOR Team and I'll do my very best to ensure all of us follow the advice offered.

What I find the most humbling is the outreach from many of you, in these forums, and in personal messages. You've told me how you feel and provided me with insightful guidance and suggestions for the future. You didn't lash out, as I honestly believe everyone knows I was not trying to be vindictive or suggest you cannot criticize me or the Dev Team. Yet, that's exactly how I came across, and I apologize both for my comments, but also for the thought processes that led me down that path.

Thank you for your continued patience with me and I promise to continue making mistakes while learning from them and doing what I can to make things better.



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