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#2 Server Merge Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by KeithKanneg ( Original Post ) | 02.08.2017 03:51PM
Originally Posted by actkiyomur View Post
Hello Keith. I think i might have some answers for you guys.

I am guild master of a guild on a "deserted" french server (not the worst, but still), Battle Meditation. We are a medium sized guild (35~40 accounts currently) and we are on Battle Meditation since the beginning of the game.

Earlier this year, i had a big discussion with the members of my guild to ask them if they were ok to transfer on Red Eclipse so we could enjoy having people to play with at any time of the day/night. On Battle Meditation it is very hard to run flashpoints or warzones with group finder during the day if we are not enough in the guild. Even between 21:00 and 0:00 there is only one warzone running at a time...

Most guild members didnt want to transfer for several reasons :
-they didnt want to lose the nicknames they have since 2011 on their favorite toons (and no, adding accents on names is not a good solution for most of us)
-we didnt want to lose our guild flagship (we worked very hard to complete it) and our guild stronghold
-we didnt want to have to decorate our strongholds all over again
-we didnt want to leave all our members who left the game behind, because they can still come back (it happened many times) and i dont want them to find an empty guild when they return

Hope this will help you understand why, and that you can find a good solution to our problems.
For the specific Guild issues youve raised, we would need to ensure the entire Guild, their Flagship/decorations, Bank/Tabs/items, and Stronghold/decorations remain 100% intact. The goal would be for the Guild members to notice absolutely nothing different and this means any returning players would still be in your guild unless you specifically removed them. Bottom line for your Guild would be making sure we protect all your hard work.

The losing of character names is one of the key points we are still discussing. We know theres a variety of issues to resolve including, but not limited to, name collisions, establishing a priority system, purging of old names beforehand, and players attempting to reserve names. We all have character names we want to preserve, so this is a key factor in the overall decision.

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