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Devs gone silent????

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 03.08.2017 02:05PM
Originally Posted by avenger_online View Post
This week we were meant to be finding out class changes in 5.4 and s8 rewards and it's almost Friday and the devs are just silent. It was June where you said the s8 rewards would be announced in a few weeks and it's been 2 months and still nothing. So much for increased communication.
On both of those topics my goal is to either get you the information this week, or at least an update on timing. I am still hopeful to start getting you Class changes this week, and that the S8 blog will go live.

If either turns out to not be the case I will let you know tomorrow! These have taken a little longer than expected but I am trying to keep you apprised each step of the way.

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