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Any update in the Roadmap? What about 5.5?

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 13.09.2017 11:07AM
Originally Posted by RevorteX View Post
Dear developers,

I know you had a lot of trouble the past couple of weeks due to certain weather issues and problems,and I hope everything worked out after all for the team.

So on to pressing matters:
1.Any news on how the Roadmap will pan out the following month/months?
2.Any news on the pending 5.5 update? We thought it will come out in September.
3.Any news on more class balancing?
4.Any news on returning companions? Some of us are eagerly waiting for certain companions.

If you give us a little hints on these notions,it would be great,cuz we are impatient to hear something. You were rather silent lately,which is understandable due to unforseen issues. Please let us know in a brief post,what is the direction.

Thank you!
Provide you with updates, I can!
  1. The roadmap is still in progress. We have been shuffling some things around with respect to 5.5 and 5.6 and we need that to settle before we can let you know exactly what is coming and when.
  2. It was our plan to put it out in late September but we have made the decision to move it into early October (currently 10/10). We did this to allow us more time to focus in on quality for our Game Updates to avoid some of the issues we had with 5.4.
  3. Class balance is still planned for 5.5. I expect I will start putting out those details starting next week.
  4. We know this is something there is great interest in. As soon as we have an announcement on any Companions coming back in a Game Update, you will be the first to know!

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