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#2 Any update in the Roadmap? What about 5.5?

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 13.09.2017 11:21AM
Originally Posted by Andryah View Post
Put "what" out exactly? the next patch, the roadmap, cookies and milk????? Please be more specific and less cryptic with responses. All it does it get people even more worked up.

And one other thing I feel it is appropriate for you to comment on ---> after the serious issues with the last patch, I do feel it would be both prudent and warranted to have Keith come in and give us an outline of what exactly the studio is doing to insure a better rollout result with the next patch. Why and how will the next patch be less troublesome for players exactly? Players deserve to have the broad brush strokes around quality addressed by the games Producer. The absence of this sort of transparency leaves players to foment and create their own negative narratives about what the studio is/is-not doing in terms of new content, quality of content, and timeliness of content release.
I will edit it into my answer, I was talking about Game Update 5.5 (as they asked about in their #2 question). I will get that updated to be more clear, thanks for catching that!

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