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#3 Warzone Date Change and 5.6 Details

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 16.11.2017 01:53PM
Originally Posted by darthscotty View Post
A little more information on this one please. How do I get it ect.... this is the first I am hearing of it.
It was actually mentioned in the roadmap, but it was a small mention so I think most people missed it.

We are producing a blog on it but I can give some basics. It is purchased from the CM (similar to the 60 and 65 tokens), and will be tradeable (so it can be sold on the GTN). It then gives you an item which you use on a character. That item will level you to 70 and place you on your Class ship (whether you have one or not from story, this doesn't impact your ability to get it naturally). It will also give you a set of starter gear for level 70.

It does not progress story at all so you could even use it on a brand new level one.

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