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#2 Warzone Date Change and 5.6 Details

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 16.11.2017 01:49PM
Originally Posted by Sarova View Post
This needs more explanation; what if I don't want or need my gear to disintegrate into Unassembled Components (UC)? Will there be a choice? I only used UCs to gear my main; I will not be wasting time or UCs doing that again with any of my alts - I'd rather have the Command Tokens. In addition, there hasn't been any information on whether UC cap will be increased.
To the first part of your question, it is giving you UC instead of CXP, not Command Tokens, so that is not impacted. I do not believe there is a choice on what items break down into but a general rule is stuff with stats breaks down to UC, everything else is CXP. There may be exceptions but I believe that was the guiding principle.

There is no longer a cap on UC because it isn't actually tracked via the currency tab any longer. It is now a stackable bind on legacy token in your inventory (allowing you to move it across characters).

Also related to that is UC costs and accrual. Costs for all items via UC will be doubled in 5.6, BUT, everywhere you previously gained UC (Warzones, Missions, Ops) will also double. This totally breaks even, there is no change to current rates for gaining and spending UC. The team set those numbers higher to be able to get the values for breaking down items from Galactic Command in place.

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