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#5 And no conquest reward .... AGAIN and AGAIN ...

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 20.12.2017 12:50PM
Hey folks,

Ok, it looks like the Conquest rewards have gone out as intended! Let me explain a little bit about exactly how it worked.
  • If your Guild won a Conquest previously and did not get rewards, every member of that Guild today will now have been granted those rewards. This does mean it is possible that someone who did not participate when the Guild won will get the rewards today.
  • If you were in a Guild when it won the Conquest, but have since left that Guild or moved to a different one, it is possible you still have not received your reward. If that is the case, please file a new ticket. CS will verify and get you the rewards.
  • We are getting reports that although the rewards have been issued, the normal CXP that comes with them is not there. Unfortunately that is not something we can address right now, so you will just have rely on double XP to get that back quickly. If we need to run this automated process in the future, we will try to get that addressed.

Thank you all for your patience with Conquest rewards, we know this has been one bumpy road. The team is actively working on redoing Conquest "under the hood" so we can stop this from happening. Once I have more updates on that I will pass it on.

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