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So about PvP hacking...

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 21.12.2017 09:05AM
Originally Posted by TrooperRCH View Post
Voidstar is especially bad with people getting through the barrier before a match begins, and heading to the doors before they close. Literally 0 chance to beat a team when someone does that.

Among the other exploits, any word from Bioware on when they will be addressing these hacks? Or are these not hacks, but "features"?
As some others in the thread have mentioned, there are a few steps you can take when you see something like this.
  • Report them! Always report the individual, as close to the time of their cheating as possible. Include any details you can as well. Having a record of when this happened makes it easier for us verify and take action.
  • If you want some extra diligence, send a PM to myself and/or Keith with the information.
Our team has regular reviews of hacking/cheating claims so they should be good via reporting. Letting Keith or I know allows us to escalate to ensure that information is captured in our investigations.


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