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Turn them all on for good

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 07.02.2018 11:39AM
Originally Posted by Zerileth View Post
Let's address the bantha in the room shall we? This year will probably have less new content than last year. So, just turn all (most) of the content on and leave it on.

Double Double: what does it matter at this point if you leave it on forever now? People will still level alts.
Bounty Week: the traffic is mostly in the bazaar. Not many do it anyway except that first Tuesday....
Gree Event: One of my favorites. Traffic is on Ilum in its own area. Not many do it anymore. The guilds can manage their own participation accordingly.
Nar Shadaa Night Life: Has its own casino area. Chat would die down after the first few weeks. Be kinda cool to have quests that go through there and real people are playing.

Rakghoul Event: This one you probably need to rotate like it is. Too many players would freak about the plague.
Life Day Event: see Rakghoul above but replace plague with snowballs.

What do you guys think? I just don't see that it matters much anymore.
This is a great suggestion, and it is something we have discussed doing in the past. All events always on might be a bit much, but running them more often / having more than one on at a time has been discussed. Right now there are some limitations on our side which prevent us from doing this. However, the interest/suggestion is noted!

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