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#6 Winter/Spring 2018 Roadmap Update

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 15.02.2018 01:26PM
Originally Posted by Pizza_boy View Post
Not sure why you have decided to include Izax as a Master boss but not the rest of the operation... especially since Izax will not be coming out in VM? This is a weird move to make. In my opinion, the entire operation should be either Veteran or Master. It makes no sense to split it up in such a weird way.
Apologies as that may be confusing. Technically speaking, Izax is being released in SM and VM like all of the other Gods from the Machine bosses. However, he is being balanced as if he is MM difficulty. You might compare him to the old "hardmare" bosses back in the day.

Again, technically there is no MM Izax, but when you play VM it is going to feel like there is.

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