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#7 Winter/Spring 2018 Roadmap Update

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 15.02.2018 01:37PM
Originally Posted by rambolnet View Post
I'm glad the PvE community has a few things to look forward to but I'm disheartened that there is no mention of PvP. I'm not the only one underwhelmed by the Civil War reskin: adding maps doesn't address longstanding issues like

  1. class imbalance
  2. lack of warzone matchmaking based on role
  3. lack of cross-faction queues for solo ranked and
  4. cheating, backfilling, etc., in solo ranked.

Keith and team, can you please comment?
I changed your list to a numbered one for clarity in answers:
  1. I mentioned this in another post on planned class changes, here.
  2. This is on our radar as a quality of life change for PvP. It is a fairly large undertaking though and not currently in our plans. The interest is noted though.
  3. Same as #2.
  4. Wintrading is a constant thing we monitor and action. Backfilling has particularly popped up on our radar lately and we are digging deep to find and action those players.

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