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#8 Winter/Spring 2018 Roadmap Update

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 15.02.2018 02:20PM
Originally Posted by BenKatarn View Post
It's probably hopeless to ask at this point, but is there any update on a weapon slot for the outfit designer?

There's so many weapons that have been sitting in my cargoholds for the time when I can finally actually use them for something.

... or you know, you could just go back to the beta days and make every weapon in this game fully moddable. You could just change Artifact Authorization to what type of mod can be inserted instead.
It is not currently slotted into our plans but we still have a high interest in doing it. So no updates on timing just yet! We will be sure to let you all know though should we get it into the plans.

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