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#3 New Cartel Market Items, Pack, and Direct Sales

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 27.03.2018 04:19PM
Originally Posted by Pscyon View Post
Well this sounds very good overall I think. Reduced pack pricing is good, though I still won't be using my monthly coins on gambling.Could you clarify exactly what goes away when this "event" ends? I assume most items won't be available for direct sale any longer, but what else goes poof; the Utlimate Pack, the reduced pricing, what?

Bonus question: we've heard a few times now that "we'll discuss it and get back to you" in regards to lowering unlock costs, seeing as you've stopped making Bronze items, effectively heightening all future unlock costs. When are you getting back to us on that? It seems the answer is "No, we have no intention of lowering unlock costs so Silver is the new Bronze." but it would be nice if you could just finally clarify that.
Regarding the sale, basically everything that gets added to the store next Tuesday will be removed at the end of it. The items that turned on today (Pack and new items) will remain. For Collection costs, it is still something we will continue to review. Right now, there are no plans to lower the cost across the board but we are overdue for a Collection sale (I believe the next one is planned for sometime in May).

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