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#6 2x XP & CXP does not work.

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 22.05.2018 03:20PM
Originally Posted by AscendingSky View Post
If you need to do backend work to make the event start, why can't you just do a patch as well to extend the event the day we are missing due to EA's issues? I am honestly asking, because I do not understand this stuff that well and if it would really be that much more onerous to write a small patch as opposed to just backend work.
That's a great question. What we are doing to fix the event is kind of a "quick fix" we can do on the server side. We are only capable of doing it this way because of the way the event broke. The event actually turned on partially, which is why the vendor for the white acute module is on the fleet, our back-end work is to "kick it" the rest of the way.

Doing something like changing the running time of events is built into the game itself, which would mean that we need to create a new patch to address it. To answer your question, it is a substantially larger undertaking to create a new patch than it is for us to do a "back-end" fix like the one we are doing tomorrow.

We know that double XP (and all events) are very important and losing a full day of it sucks. Even though we can't extend it here, I'll talk with the team about getting double XP back sooner than later, or extending our next instance of the event. The situation isn't ideal, but we thank all of you for your patience. We'll get you back into double XP as fast as we can tomorrow.

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