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Planned Warzone Changes Part 2

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 05.06.2018 01:11PM
Hey folks,

Welcome to part 2 of our planned Warzone changes for GU 5.9.2. If you havent already done so, we recommend you go take a look at part 1 and our upcoming matchmaking changes. The following changes focus on Huttball and Arenas, so lets dive in:

Huttball (and Queshball) We have some concerns about the dominance of Classes with movement abilities in Huttball. The proposed changes will help encourage more teamplay in the Warzone. We also want to create more situations for counterplay and competition in Huttball while ensuring all players are rewarded for their efforts.
  • Carrying the Huttball now applies Hinder to the character. Hinder prevents the use of high mobility actions such as Force Charge, Force Speed, Scamper, and more.
  • Due to the Hinder changes players holding the Huttball will now move at 80% movement speed (up from 67%)
  • Players can no longer catch the Huttball while stunned. This creates more opportunities for counter-play, such as intercepting passes intended for a target you stun.
  • Adding attacker points for catching a pass from a friendly target:
    • Currently the thrower of the Huttball receives 500 points, but not the receiver. We will increase the receiver to gain 250 points.
    • We would also like a touchdown pass to award both players equally (currently the thrower gets 500 more points). Here is what the new breakdown would look like:
      • Thrower: 2750 Attacker Points total
        • 500 Attacker Points from completing pass successfully
        • 2250 Attacker Points for throwing a scoring pass
      • Receiver: 2750 Attacker Points total
        • 250 Attacker Points from receiving a friendly pass
        • 2500 Attacker Points for possessing the ball for a score

We know these changes will be pretty substantial in affecting how you play Huttball. Before we make these adjustments, we want to know your thoughts. We are getting your feedback early to see what changes we should, or should not make.

Arenas There are quite a few places where players can exploit to prevent themselves from dying. We plan to address them and implement ways to penalize those players. Additionally, we wanted to take another look at how the acid mechanics work at the end of Arena matches to see if we can improve that experience for stalemates. Here our thoughts:
  • Characters who hack their way into places they shouldnt be, such as outside the arena or in the ground, will die.
  • Currently, acid causes characters to take 10% of their max health in damage every second, prevents stealth and all healing.
  • Acid will now work as follows:
    • Characters will take 1% of their max health in damage every second and reduce all healing done/received by 2% per stack.
    • Characters affected by acid will begin with one stack and gain one stack per second.
    • Acid will still inhibit stealth.

This will mean the very end of an Arena match will now get progressively more dangerous. This gives more time for players to fight each other and counterplay, before their inevitable acid death. This should also address cases where stealth characters in particular can just CC and run away to win a match.

Let us know your thoughts!

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