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#5 Upcoming Matchmaking Changes

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 05.06.2018 02:07PM
Originally Posted by Mournblood View Post
I inferred the same thing from Eric's post. You will have very little chance to get on the same team if you synch queue a double premade under the new matchmaking system. Say for example, each of your two premades has trinity (healer, tank and DPS), but there are no other tanks or healers among the PUG players who are queued. Your premades will get split up, and you'll end up fighting each other. Additionally, now that all WZs will be cross faction, the advantage the Pubs had (due to fewer faction members in queue) for getting their double premades on the same team will be gone. At least on my server, Pub premades dominating WZs past midnight will be a thing of the past. So basically, it will be very unlikely for any guild to get two premades on the same team together after the matchmaking system is implemented.

The question that's still in my mind that Eric needs to clarify is what happens to a single premade if they have two healers and there are no other healers queued? Will the matchmaking system split up the healers in that premade? And what about the "rating" level for regular WZs? What if everyone in that premade is higher "rating" than anyone else they are queued with? Will the matchmaking system split them up?

And if all of that is true, what's the point of being able to group queue if you're likely to get split up anyway? Why not just take it to its logical conclusion and make regular WZs solo queue only?
Some good questions in here so let me clarify. We will never split up a group. If you queue as 4 players in a group, you will all be on the same team. However, keep in mind what you describe above is not possible, you could no longer queue if you had two healers in your group. You can only queue with a max of 1 tank and 1 healer in a 4 man group.

To your other point, if you are trying to "queue-sync" two 4-man groups together to be on the same team it is always possible they end up against each other as opposed to on the same team. Especially with the new factors in 5.9.2 such as improved matchmaking and cross-faction.

Hope that clears up any confusion!

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