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#2 Planned Warzone Changes Part 2

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 05.06.2018 03:10PM
Originally Posted by Pallais View Post
Does Hinder apply to Sage/Sorc Pulls, too? If it doesn't then a Sage/Sorc + Tank becomes the de facto ball running team (given that Hinder basically says only have a tank run the Huttball). Also, would the Huttball matchmaking ensure a tank on both teams? The side without a tank would be at a disadvantage.

Snave's suggested healing debuff would be a better answer to getting more passing of the Huttball. You would only want to hold on to it for so long, dps would still do well as Huttball carriers, and the matchmaking wouldn't need to be as fussy about tanks/healers.
Hinder is intended to apply to to Sage/Sorc pulls, yes. Translocate / Transpose as well.

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