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#3 Planned Warzone Changes Part 2

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 05.06.2018 04:36PM
Originally Posted by yellow_ View Post
ok I see what you're saying now

my initial reading of what musco posted was that there's a flat 1% dps on you and a stacking healing debuff, but you've read it as both stacking. unfortunately the wording is ambiguous....but you're right that it would be about 14-15 seconds to die under your reading of it

edit: being able to medpac would actually buy you 2 more seconds, but this is still dangerously close to the old TTK if your interpretation is correct.

@musco can you clarify?
I sure can! Apologies for being ambiguous in the messaging.

Your initial reading is correct. There are two effects that happen:
  1. Players begin taking 1% of their maximum health every second. This effect does NOT stack, it is always 1%.
  2. You receive a 2% penalty to healing every second. This DOES stack, it increases by 2% per stack.
What this means is that as players fight during the arena end phase, healing will continue to become less effective over time until it does nothing. That penalty plus the constant 1% damage will apply more and more kill pressure to the remaining players.

Hope that clears up any confusion!

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