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PTS - What is Happening

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 12.07.2018 03:26PM
Hey folks!

I want to start by once again thanking all of you for taking the time to test everything on PTS and give us your feedback. It has been immensely helpful. The team has been pouring over your feedback and bug reports the past few days and working on a new PTS patch. Here is our current plan.
  • Tomorrow afternoon we will push a new PTS patch. This will include a bunch of changes based on your feedback and bug reports (look for notes tomorrow).
  • We will then plan two Warzone playtest sessions on Saturday. One in the morning and one in the evening (US time). This gives more options on when you can be available to play along with having a session more avaialble for our EU players.
  • Like the last test, devs will be playing incognito during the test. We will also be working with some of the influencers to get some streaming and giveaways happening during the tests.
Then next week we can gather the next round of feedback and see where we stand with everything in 5.9.2! We will continue more patches or playtest sessions as needed. Look for details and patch notes tomorrow!

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