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PTS Update - 7/13/2018

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 13.07.2018 10:06AM
Here are the patch notes for the update which is planned for later today:

Warzone / Arena Changes
  • Voidstar is once again functional, it has also had its intro cinematic updated.
  • Railings and various LoS blockers have been added to the Mandalorian Battle Ring to make the map more melee friendly.
  • Players should no longer die randomly when using traversal abilities near terrain in Warzones and Arenas.

Rishi Hideout
  • You can now use Kick the Huttball during Huttball matches in the Rishi Stronghold.
  • There are less doors to nowhere in the Rishi Stronghold.
  • A clean-up crew has removed some of the junk in the Rishi Stronghold.
  • A terminal has been added to a Canon on the Skydeck which will take you directly to the Rishi Cove.
  • The Carrying the Huttball icon will now appear for players who receive the Huttball due to a character death during a Huttball match in the Rishi Stronghold.
  • More hooks have been added throughout the Rishi Stronghold.
  • The room unlock terminals in the Rishi Stronghold have been made clearer.
  • Speedy is still the best, but he will no longer path through walls.
  • Players will now gain a temporary ability to end combat when using the training dummies in the training room.
  • The Rishi Stronghold now has a console that allows players to take control of an un-targetable, stealthed, non-combat droid. This Droid allows players to better see PvP action in the Stronghold.
  • Jungle noises will no longer play on the Rishi Patrol Carrier.
  • Players will no longer dismount when entering the Portside Crew Quarters.
  • A terminal has been added to the Rishi Stronghold that will allow players to apply Bolster.
  • Players can now use PvP medpacs in PvP areas of the Rishi Stronghold.
  • The Huttball scoreboard in the Rishi Stronghold now goes up to 10 (up from 3).
  • Players can no longer be mounted with the Huttball in the Rishi Stronghold.
  • Players in the Rishi Stronghold can no longer pick up or catch the Huttball while stunned.
  • Resetting a Huttball match in the Rishi Stronghold will no remove all Huttballs.
  • Corrected an issue where some PvP areas in the Rishi Stronghold were not properly flagging players for PvP.
Once this update is live on PTS, if you notice any of the above changes are not actually present in this patch please let us know!

There are other changes we would still like to make before 5.9.2 goes live, so don't fret if you don't see a change you wanted on this list. I will post the list of other things we are looking into elsewhere on the PTS forum.


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